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A quick ride out below Mt Blanc

below mt blanc

Just before everything kicks off for the Iceland – Sri Lanka trip. I thought id take a quick ride out around Les Houches. Such brilliant fun, I always like riding the moto around the chair lifts of the ski resort. And sitting just below Mt Blanc seemed like a good way to start the trip.

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Faster than your super car for less than a grand!


The ZX9R was just a side project because the opportunity came up, and it seemed like a a good way to learn more.

The ZX9-R C1 is a brilliant bike that’s often overlooked, and because of the age is usually victim to a few problems. However, when its brought back to life, its such a fast bike and so much fun to ride.

So I got hold of one for £500 and set about bringing it back to life. Read More…

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