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Picking up in Pakistan

With the decision to fly over Iran, then pick up the journey from Pakistan. At the Airport I met with confused looks from the check-in staff. Which also confused me in return, but later I found out what was actually going on. Read More…

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The Iranian Job

Well this is an interesting one. The Turkish side of the border has been very pleasant throughout, something that remained through the entire of Turkey. Of course nothing is perfect but there have been no ‘show stoppers’, no horrific events, no PKK kidnappings. Instead everyone I have met has been kind, welcoming, and hospitable. The officials at the Iranian border are a different story (well for Brits anyway).
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Twists in Cappadocia

Leaving Dalaman on the coast of south west Turkey, I rode east along the coast for a while before heading north east towards Konya. From there I arrived 860Km later in Cappadocia. When I arrived things definitely took a few surprising twists. Read More…

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Yamaha XT660Z Modifications

Thanks to so many great resources such as xt660.com I’ve not had to go totally by trial and error to find what needs to be modified on the XT660Z. So with the excellent information from friends, and all the good people over t’interweb, here are the details of the modifications I’ve made to my XT660Z. Read More…

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