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Riding & Diving Silfra, Thingvellir National Park

Þingvellir (Thingvellir) – literally means “Parliament Plains”. The Alþing general assembly was established around 930 and continued to convene there until 1798. Major events in the history of Iceland have taken place at Þingvellir. And therefore the place is held in high esteem. The Silfra fissure in Þingvellir national park and is a crack between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Meaning that you dive between the continental plates which drift apart about 2cm per year. The underwater visibility in the Silfra fissure is over 100 meters, which creates a unique underwater experience. Read More…

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Tourist Spots on the Iceland Ring Road

Well after a long day previous, I thought why not head to some of the tourist stops on the tarmac ring road for a brief rest? Heading towards the black sand beaches of Vik, a wreckage of a 1970’s Douglas DC-3 aircraft, waterfalls, and then on to Rekyjavik.
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An Introduction to Icelandic Trail Riding

The ride from Seydisfjordur to the first night’s campsite was incredible, and as soon as I had left Seydisfjordur the weather turned to sunshine. The riding was mostly road riding with a short trail here and there. But wow the scenery was outrageous, just epic, and the massive landscape seemed to change around every corner (something that would keep happening for the entire trip). Read More…

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Welcome to Iceland

As we started to arrive along the eastern coast of Iceland, the scenery from the ferry as we passed through the fjords was Incredible. Huge mountains that look unspoiled by people just smashing straight up from the sea. The weather was throwing a good mix of undesirable riding elements. Strong winds, fog, rain, and cold temperatures; I was hoping that this wasn’t going to set the tone for the weather during the rest of the trip. Getting off the ferry was a mix of exciting, moody (due to the weather), and anxious to get some paper mapping and trouble shoot the parking light fuse which kept blowing.
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Mile Munching to Denmark

I decided that with time constraints, I should try to fit the journey from the European Alps to the Northern tip of Denmark in one go.
Shortly after I left (well 2 corners after I left actually) a quick lesson in suspension settings ensued. Read More…

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