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Lets Roll!

visa paperwork

Sorry it’s been a while since the last post. This one is a bit more on the words, rather than the pictures. Mainly because I’ve not taken many recently. So this is what’s been happening. Read More…

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Last Day Riding, until next time Iceland!

In my mind I was prepared to make the last day a “road riding” day. However, there are just too many cheeky hidden trails that connect everywhere, and they’re just too good to pass up. So actually this was a day where asphalt was punctuated by some pretty good trail riding, again. Read More…

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‘F’ Roads and Rivers

The F752, F26, and F882 – 240Km of trail riding with some nice hill climbs. Plenty of loose rocks with a few rivers to cross; two big rivers, and one glacial. What an EPIC day’s riding.
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Solo Trail Riding on Amazing Routes

After munching through more miles on tarmac, which I have to say the western fjords are definitely worth riding. The tarmac that goes with them is twisty and very enjoyable riding. After which it was now time to get back on with some trail riding. I had to plan some longer days and make use of the long daylight hours in order to fit everything in.

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Iceland’s Western Fjords

I’m Holding a can of beer and wondering why every one that I pick up has 2.5% written on the side. Apparently trying to buy beer in a supermarket doesn’t work here. In order to buy actual alcohol and take it away, it can only be bought from government stores. Onwards, to the government store! Now that we’ve learnt where to buy alcohol (outside of bars and pubs of course)! A day’s riding can be complete! Read More…

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