Mile Munching to Denmark

I decided that with time constraints, I should try to fit the journey from the European Alps to the Northern tip of Denmark in one go.
Shortly after I left (well 2 corners after I left actually) a quick lesson in suspension settings ensued. Read More…

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A quick ride out below Mt Blanc

below mt blanc

Just before everything kicks off for the Iceland – Sri Lanka trip. I thought id take a quick ride out around Les Houches. Such brilliant fun, I always like riding the moto around the chair lifts of the ski resort. And sitting just below Mt Blanc seemed like a good way to start the trip.

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Faster than your super car for less than a grand!


The ZX9R was just a side project because the opportunity came up, and it seemed like a a good way to learn more.

The ZX9-R C1 is a brilliant bike that’s often overlooked, and because of the age is usually victim to a few problems. However, when its brought back to life, its such a fast bike and so much fun to ride.

So I got hold of one for ¬£500 and set about bringing it back to life. Read More…

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Iceland to Sri Lanka – The route plan

passport and route

While planning the motorcycle route from Iceland to Sri Lanka I’ve tried to link up as many UNESCO world heritage sites and interesting things as possible. Using interesting routes of both road, tracks, and off road style riding. The route goes through¬†Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, and finally Sri Lanka. Read More…

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